A workflow based on Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files is widely used in book production, for digital as well as traditional offset printing applications.

While additional page processing functionality is available through plugins for the Acrobat™ program, there have been none that addressed the text and image enhancement capabilities found in IoFlex's standalone software products such as the IoCapture Scan Tool, the IoScan Post-Scan Page Processor, or the Image Optimize

IoFlex's core technology for manipulating page and image content as bitmap data has continued to evolve as a growing library of modules that have been used by the company to create innovative end-user products as well as products for use as part of other vendor's prepress and digital printing solutions.

IoFlex can now offer the same functionality to organizations that depend on PDF for their print production workflow.

What is IoBookMaker?

IoBookMaker is a collection of plugins for Adobe Acrobat™ that provide a comprehensive set of functions for the cleanup, positioning, editing, and management of pages in a PDF file, as well as the optimization of 8-bit objects representing halftones or tint areas.

Unless otherwise specified, plugins work with either raster or vector PDFs.

Raster PDFs are created as a result of either scanning into Acrobat or importing existing TIFFs of scanned pages into Acrobat.

Vector PDFs contain text and image objects and are created from application files produced by desktop publishing and other programs.