This plugin provides a comprehensive set of editing tools for raster and vector PDFs. In addition to operations performed on existing objects in vector PDFs, new objects are created in both raster and vector PDFs as a result of area selection.

Editing features include:

  • Rectangular, polygon, and free-hand area selection tools;

  • Area cut, copy & paste functions;

  • Eraser, brush, and paint bucket tools for removing or adding pixels by creating a new overlay object;

  • Functions to move, scale, or rotate, that can be applied to the whole page, as well as one or more active objects;

  • Clipping function to erase pixels either inside or outside of the clipping path;

  • Manual page deskewing by specifying the desired horizontal reference.

Features for managing an image area (halftone or tint):

  • Descreen an area in a 1-bit (b&w) raster PDF creating an 8-bit (grayscale) object;

  • In 8-bit pages, additional processing to improve selected areas when they contain text on a tinted background. Using a threshold value, the text background of these pages may also be reduced to 1-bit;

  • Import an external image file (TIFF format) into a PDF, creating a new object, or replace an existing object;

  • Save an object as an external image file.

Features for optimizing an image area (halftone or tint) as contained in an 8-bit object in a vector or raster PDF:

  • Apply adjustments to brightness, contrast, and sharpness to an image (grayscale or color) or to a specific channel in a color image;

  • Apply a calibration curve to alter dot gain, as well as highlight and shadow dot values, as needed to produce a specific result;

Curve usage includes:

  • Applying tonal adjustments based on the set of standard DuPont curves (included);

  • Compensating for problems in the original or introduced by the scanning process;

  • Adjusting for the imaging characteristics of the output device. There would be specific curves of this type for digital printing, as well as for offset jobs, where modifications are needed for the press and paper configuration.

Curves are simple text files that can be modified with any text editor. New curves can be added as needed.