This plugin applies any combination of deskew, despeckle, border erase, scale, or rotate as a batch process to a selection of pages in a raster PDF. Features include:

  • Very accurate page straightening since the Deskew function utilizes a baseline pixel analysis rather than side margins;

  • More control over speck removal since the Despeckle function is based on user-modifiable settings that specify the horizontal and vertical speck size in pixels. This enables the program to avoid including parts of characters and punctuation marks as specks;

  • Despeckle also includes Fill and Sand functions. The Fill function automatically adds missing pixels to fix broken type or lines. The Sand function can be used to make type or lines thinner;

  • Resizing to a smaller page, based on either canvassing (i.e. masking from the page edges) or scaling;

  • Resizing to a larger page size by repositioning the print area to the center or any of 8 other edge or corner locations within the new page size (canvassing).