What is QuickPrep?

QuickPrep is a software application for MS Windows-based computers that provides all of the functionality needed to create platesetter-ready data from the original items to be printed.

Any appropriate desktop scanner with a TWAIN interface can be used to input copy to the QuickPrep workflow. Items such as business cards, forms, ads, data sheets and brochure pages can be scanned directly into layouts or stored as elements to be used later.

Text can also be added and elements within a layout can be selected for output on color plates. The layouts in the job are linked to one or more positions in the desired n-up plate. When the plate is complete, the actual data is assembled and output to the platesetter’s RIP as a PDF or PostScript file.

In addition to eliminating multiple steps with a traditional camera, QuickPrep supports content changes without requiring digital files or the use of other desktop software applications. However, bitmap data can be moved between other applications and QuickPrep, since all Copy, Cut, and Paste operations are through the standard Windows Clipboard.

Content changes include the insertion, deletion and precise repositioning of elements within a print item, as well as associated text formatting. In addition, copy that is not straight on the scanner can be corrected using QuickPrep’s deskewing function and dirt present in an original item can be removed by using QuickPrep’s despeckling function.

Grayscale and color images can also be added to a layout as linked elements. In this way they always reflect any changes made by associated programs such as image editing applications. This image data, when accepted by the platesetter’s RIP along with the job’s bitmapped data, produces the plates necessary for process color jobs.