About IoFlex, Inc.

IoFlex, Inc., with a headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI and a West Coast sales office, develops and markets software applications, and provides related services and support, that solve specific workflow problems encountered in electronic prepress and digital printing production environments.

The scope of IoFlex's software expertise includes batch scanning, page clean-up (despeckling, deskewing, border erase, etc.), page transformations (scaling, rotation, bit-depth conversions, etc.), page positioning, text and halftone optimization, bit-mapped editing, variable data insertion (from a database), text and image replacement, n-up output and simple imposition in PDF or PostScript for compatibility with either an offset or digital printing workflow.

IoFlex technology is maintained in several core software libraries. End-user programs and custom solutions are created by accessing these libraries through a user interface appropriate for the desired application.

The IoFlex products listed below are available directly from IoFlex, as well as selected resellers. Additional products are provided on an exclusive basis by OEMs that bundle the technology with their own products.

IoFlex welcomes inquiries concerning custom solutions that can be built with our existing software libraries or appropriate extensions.

IoFlex products include:

IoBookMaker A series of plugins for Adobe Acrobat™ that provide a comprehensive set of functions for page cleanup, page positioning, page editing, as well as halftone optimization from within Acrobat. Specific plugins work with either raster PDFs, vector PDFs, or both.

Raster PDFs are created as a result of either scanning into Acrobat or importing existing TIFFs of scanned pages into Acrobat.

Vector PDFs contain text and image objects and are created from application files produced by desktop publishing and other programs.

IoCapture A multi-threaded document scanner interface that applies a selected sequence of batch operations (deskew, despeckle, border erase, rotation, scaling, and optimization) to the scanned pages.

Advanced versions provide tools for maximizing the quality of text and halftones, as well as basic page positioning, n-up output and simple imposition.

IoScan An application that prepares scanned pages for electronic imposition to film, direct to plate or n-up for digital printing.

In addition to correcting scan errors and adjusting pages for imposition, IoScan provides bitmap-editing tools and can automatically generate replacement data sequences.

Halftone areas can be detected and replaced, and new halftones can be added individually or in a batch mode.

QuickPrep An application for commercial printers that need a scan solution to replace a camera as they move from a film-based to computer-to-plate (CTP) workflow.

QuickPrep provides all of the functionality, from initial scans to n-up output, for business cards, forms, data sheets, ads, etc., for color as well as black and white jobs.

Capabilities in QuickPrep include global and regional deskew and despeckle, bitmap editing, text creation, spot color, image links, and n-up output.

QuickPrep creates PostScript for a single plate from a final TIFF, or a composite that includes image overlays or secondary plates with spot color.

Image Optimizer An application used to automatically modify digital halftones, as individual files or as part of PostScript pages, as required for print or electronic distribution, without re-scanning the images.

Optimization is based on stored curves that specify dot gain, highlight and shadow dot values

Computer-to-Plate Tools A variety of software tools for use in conjunction with imposition and CTP solutions that add precision measurement and alignment capabilities, single page and imposition proofing, as well as data conversion capabilities